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You'll find most of our products here. Select an item and click to buy. Or click More Info for details on any product.   If there is a product you are seeking that you don't see here, it may be listed under a specific category (such as Audio Tapes, CD Programs, CD Singles, E-Books, Books, etc.)...  You will find these listed under the PRODUCTS listing from the Home Page of this Site... 

Creating Magic (4 CDs)
Creating Magic (4 CDs) This Program consists of a 4 Physical CD Set by Jerry Clark will share with you the Secrets of Creating Magic in Every Aspect of Your Life. . . more info > > >

Murphy's Committee (single cd)
Go, Go, Go!!!. . . more info > > >

Magic of Colors (6 CDs)
Magic of Colors (6 CDs) The Magic of Colors by Jerry Clark is designed to help you take your personal and professional life to the next level by teaching you the "language of success".. . . more info > > >

High Achievement Network Marketing (12 CDs)
High Achievement Network Marketing (12 CDs) Jerry Clark's High Achievement Network Marketing is a 12 CD Program recorded "Live" at his Two-day training program in which he gives the fundamentals necessary to build your MLM dynasty.. . . more info > > >

The Magic of Influence (10 CDs + 40 Page Reference E-Book)
The Magic of Influence (10 CDs + 40 Page Reference E-Book) Jerry Clark reveals the one secret that can completely transform your network marketing business - and your life - in a heartbeat... It's called Influence!. . . more info > > >

Jerry Clark Live (16 CDs)
Jerry Clark Live (16 CDs) In this program -- Jerry Clark Live -- you will have the unique pleasure of traveling with Jerry "DRhino" Clark all over the World and hear him reveal the secrets that assists him in creating Five & Six Figure Monthly Results... Now it's your turn. . . more info > > >

Rhino Boot Camps
These tickets are to Jerry Clark's World Famous, Life Transforming 2-Day Rhino Boot Camp Trainings... These trainings are designed to assist Network Marketers and Direct Sales Representatives in taking a Quantum Leap in the Results they are Producing. . . more info > > >

Educating Your Expectations (8 CDs plus Action Guide)
Educating Your Expectations (8 CDs plus Action Guide) This Program is Packed with Power Principles that are Designed to Transform your Paradigms of what it takes to Succeed in Network Marketing beyond your Wildest Imagination... Featuring Artemis and includes special segments with Jerry Clark. . . more info > > >

The LOST TAPES of a LEGEND, (6 CDs) William E. Bailey is a legend in the field of personal development, personal growth and team building. Mr. Bailey has mentored and trained such greats in the personal development field and network marketing as Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Larry Thompson, Willie Larkin, Rudy Revak, and many others. He has successfully mentored a number of individuals to six-figure lifestyles and some to seven-figure incomes.. . . more info > > >

Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, Vol. 1 (8 CDs)
Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, Vol. 1 (8 CDs) Volume One (Network Marketing Giants) - Jerry "DRhino" Clark conducts Power Tip Interviews with Jeffrey Combs, Lisa Kitter, Robert Butwin, Dolleen and Moses Wilson, Dale Calvert, Hilton Johnson, Lisa Wilbur, Len Clements, Johnny Keller, and more. . . more info > > >

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