Magic of Colors (6 CDs)

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Magic of Colors (6 CDs)

R - elate to more people
I - nfluence those around you
C - harisma will be yours
H - igher impact now!
Six CD Program
By Jerry Clark

The Magic of Colors is designed to help you take your personal and professional life to the next level by teaching you the "language of success".

Simply put; life is a people business. Yet & still, we are taught very little about how to have the greatest impact with the people we communicate with on a regular basis. The best way to influence and relate to others is to understand them.

In this program you will learn how to:

  1. Gain instant rapport with those you meet
  2. Motivate others into action and help keep them focused
  3. Enhance the teamwork and excitement within your organization
  4. Decrease conflicts and what is sometimes called "personality clashes"
  5. Acquire new skills that will help you effectively lead tens of thousands
  6. Win friends & increase cooperation with even the most difficult people
  7. Dramatically improve your personal, professional and social relationships
  8. The Magic of Colors is a 6 CD audio program that teaches you the "language" of the 4 basic personality styles in a fun and easy way so you can increase the productivity and profitability personal and professional life.

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